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Staying Mentally Healthy during an Anxiety Storm — 10 tips for the Entrepreneur

You’re an entrepreneur who wakes up with a smile on your face, grateful for the new day and the chance to unleash the best version of yourself. You’re full of passion, drive and energy. Inspiration oozes from your pores like glistening sweat during a great workout and armed with The Secret Knowledge of Entrepreneurship, you tackle your creation and business with gusto, a well oiled achievement machine crushing your Tuesday well before other non Tony Robbins-type mortals have even had the chance to wash their morning eyes.

A Story about a Dog and his Entrepreneur

There was once a dog who had an entrepreneur.

They lived together in a city apartment with a single bed at the foot of which the dog slept, a bathroom with a toilet from which the dog often drank, and a small kitchen at the floor of which the dog liked hunting for surprises.

The dog was a scruffy little dog with a bit too much white and grey fur on his face and not quite enough on his body. His ears flopped up when he jumped with his short legs, and didn’t flop back when he landed. He had a pointy, hairless, perpetually wagging tail, the sole reason for existence of which was for him to chase.

Entrepreneurs: Relax and Try to Get Uncomfortable

We entrepreneurs are on a long strange trip, (fist bump Jerry Garcia), and while we love to dream, we’re also realists. We know that our chosen road has bumps and cracks, and potholes and sinkholes and that we must deal with them as they come along. Over time, we become pretty good at manoeuvring, sometimes through and sometimes around, sometimes as an ace pilot and sometimes with our eyes shut and hearts in our mouths, (gasp-fully) hoping that they are temporary, and that soon the road will be smooth again.

Yes, I want to be inspired!