It starts with an idea — a fusion of thoughts and experiences, a blending of desires and dreams. Bursts of electricity fueled with faith, love and creativity leap across synapses generating the necessary expression to give it real form and substance.

Sometimes, an entrepreneur’s call to adventure is a labor of love. A ship sets sail towards a known destination, but destiny often has other ideas and calm waters are not the norm. So maps are consulted,  plans redrawn and the course re-charted.  You may never make it and have to decide between moving forward or giving up.

But sometimes it is a joyful, exhilarating and an incredibly rewarding ride. The sun shines while you are happily in Flow, navigating expertly towards Success. You have discovered the secret to eternal happiness.

It’s all in the journey, and we want to hear your unique version.  Young and Old, Experienced or New, running a Traditional, Social or Tech business, what was your spark and how do you nurture the flame? What is the next chapter? What part of business do you love and what are your challenges?

Do you doubt yourself or were you born for this?

Tell us your story.