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Tag: Life-hack


Mantec Consultants : How to unlock Value 

Peter Drucker, the father of modern management is one of Arvinder Singh Brara’s heroes. But are concepts like Corporate Social Responsibility, Workforce Development and Organizational Culture relics of the past with no place in today’s rapidly changing work environment? Is Management Theory irrelevant in the…


Pavni : How I created a Unique Fashion Business 

The fashion industry, glamorous as it may seem to outsiders is actually a highly competitive, tough and challenging business. Thriving in such an environment demands excellence, authenticity and an intuitive understanding of that sweet spot between quality and price.  Enter Pavni. Not afraid of being…


Welcome to Generation Upstart 

It starts with an idea — a fusion of thoughts and experiences, a blending of desires and dreams. Bursts of electricity fueled with faith, love and creativity leap across synapses generating the necessary expression to give it real form and substance. Sometimes, an entrepreneur’s call…

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